Joana case - Leonor and Joao Cipriano know the verdict today

11 November 2005
IOL Diario

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MP calls for 24 years in prison for both defendants for the crimes of murder, desecration of a corpse and concealing the corpse. Defense argues acquittal, arguing that proved the involvement of the mother and uncle of the alleged death of Joanaa

The mother and uncle suspected of having killed a girl aged eight, disappeared in September 2004 in the village of Figueira, in Lagos, know today that a ruling in the Court Algarve town.

The sentencing of the brothers João and Leonor Cipriano accused by the Public Ministry (MP) of murder, desecration and concealment of the corpse of little Joana, is scheduled for 15:00, the Court of Portimão.

The two suspects were tried between 12 and 14 October by a jury - composed of three judges and four jurors - chaired by Judge Alda Casimiro.

The prosecutor, José Carlos Pinheiro, called for the condemnation of the accused for the crimes they are accused of a total of 24 years in prison, including murder (at least 20 years in prison), desecration of corpses (two years) and concealment of a body (two years).

In closing arguments, José Carlos Pinheiro, found that crimes in the indictment have been proven at the trial, despite the absence of the girl's body.

"The forensic evidence, laboratory and produced by hearing from 45 witnesses at the trial, are sufficient to convict the accused," argued the prosecutor.

Meanwhile, lawyers João Grade (Leonor defender) and Sara Rosado (defender João) asked for the acquittal of two siblings, arguing that there was no proof their alleged involvement in the girl's death.

For the barrister, João and Sara Rosado, 'only proven facts were off, "whereas" miserable "the evidence produced by investigators at the Judicial Police.

Leonor Cipriano is being detained since September 25, 2004, the jail of Odemira (Alentejo), while her brother, João Cipriano, was arrested two days later, lying in the jail of Olhão (Algarve).
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