Gonçalo Amaral's Book Ban Overturned -McCanns Have Not Returned Books

22 Aug 2011
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The journey is not an easy one

An Emotional Gonçalo Amaral Describes His Family's Suffering
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Le commissaire accuse les parents

Le commissaire accuse les parents
4 August 2011 
Le Parisien-Aujourd'hui en France 

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The commissioner accused parents

With its impressive stature and his bald head, he is the absolute nightmare of spouses McCann. Former commissioner of the Portuguese Judicial Police of Portimão, Goncalo Amaral directed the investigation on the disappearance of Maddie for several months. A professional failure, but also a good source of trouble : disowned by his hierarchy after having publicly criticized the attitude of the English police, he was prematurely departs from the investigations. The investigator is in spite of everything sure to hold the truth. After resigning from the police to regain his freedom to speak, he delivered his version in a book for the prosecution against the parents of the little girl, published in England in 2008.

The thesis of Goncalo Amaral is clear : Maddie is dead accidentally by the negligence of the parents who would have then done disappear its corpse and put in scene the thesis of the abduction. The book offers no evidence, but rather a series of indices, to begin with what he called the "Contradictions in the statements of the spouses McCann". The policeman also insists on the traces of blood found in the apartment. "Unfortunately, it is a corpse that he must seek", assigned to us-it in May 2009 , when the output of the book in France * .

Kate and Gerry McCann have continued to fight to prohibit the dissemination of this book. After having won the case, they were dismissed on appeal by a court of appeal Portuguese, in the name of freedom of expression. In 2010, the former policeman has published a second book, non-translated in France and entitled "The English Gag " (le gag anglais). This time, it puts in question the English authorities to have weighed on the investigation. When we had met in Paris, he was already part of its criticism of the general staff of the British police : " n Great Britain, the vision of the folder is political ," he complained.

* " Maddie : the investigation prohibited ",
Bourin Editor.
Lisbon (Portugal), July 24, 2008.
Goncalo Amaral had published a book in which he defended the thesis of the accidental death of Maddie McCann.


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