McCanns Want Amaral's Family Home

Sofia Leal & Gonçalo Amaral have been married for the last eight years and have two young daughters

“I will not get divorced. That would be a fraud. Our family lives in full communion [unity].”

Sofia Leal, who has been married for the last eight years with the former Judiciary Police coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, reacted indignantly upon being notified with a citation requested by the McCanns, to proceed with a separation of assets in order to allow the arrest of a house in the municipality of Olhão, within the scope of a 1.2 million euros claim.

By Paulo Marcelino

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Uma carta aberta a todos os cidadãos Português impactado pelos McCann

An open letter to all Portuguese citizens impacted by the McCanns

Please forgive the awkward Google translation below. Hopefully you will understand the meaning of my words.

Por favor, perdoe a tradução desajeitada do Google abaixo. Esperamos que você vai entender o significado das minhas palavras.


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