Fired cop's body slur on Gerry

Nick Owens
7 September 2008
The Sunday Mirror

SHAMED Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral stooped to a new low last night - disgracefully claiming Gerry McCann buried daughter Madeleine on a beach the night she went missing.

In his most sickening outburst yet, sacked Amaral said Gerry went back days later to move her body so the police would never find it. (See: Wikileaks Cable dated 28 September 2007)

Last night Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns official spokesman, said:
"Mr Amaral is a complete disgrace. His repetitive slurs are not only grossly defamatory but they are completely unfounded.

"What he says is so utterly at odds with reality it beggars belief.

"Kate and Gerry are looking and watching at everything he does and will not hesitate to take legal action against him if he continues to act in this sickening manner."

Last week Kate herself spoke angrily about Amaral. She said:
"As a professional and a person he has been a disgrace."
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