Metodo3 asked Marcos Aragão Correia to arrange evidence against Amaral

 ‘Spanish detectives asked me to arrange for evidence against Gonçalo Amaral’
8 December 2008
Joana Morais Blog
Source: O Crime, 04.12.2008, paper edition

Marcos Aragão Correia

And why Maddie?
Concerning that issue, I obtained precious information with Método 3 (which I reveal in my book) concerning the status of the missing girl’s parents, who had very influent connections with the British government.
Apart from that, one day before his daughter disappeared, Gerry received enigmatic coded messages on his mobile phone, which he failed to decipher. Was it a warning from someone connected to the British secret services, trying to warn him about the imminent abduction of his daughter?
But at what level did the parents relate to the British government: with the secret service?
My book also discusses that. There was privileged knowledge by the American secret services, through the English, about those parents’ entire life.
How did you appear in the defense of Joana’s mother?
Método 3 asked me to juridically investigate (to arrange for evidence and witnesses) the tortures by Mr Gonçalo Amaral, namely over Joana’s mother. According to them, this was a coordinator who had revealed an embarrassing ineptitude in the investigation of child abductions in the Algarve, systematically incriminating, without no evidence whatsoever, the missing girls’ mothers. I spoke to ACED and asked them if they were interested in me writing independent reports about Leonor and her brother, João Cipriano.

Note on Joana Morais Blog:

Concerning the contents of this interview, we contacted former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral, who clarified as follows:
“I don’t believe that Método 3 chased that lawyer up. What he says is a lie. All he wants is publicity and clowning around. If he was at the Arade dam looking for Maddie after having a ‘vision’, why didn’t he dive into the waters?...”

Concerning possible contacts between Método 3 and the PJ investigators, Gonçalo Amaral refers:
“There was a meeting in Elvas and in Portimão between Dr Paulo Rebelo, the Spanish police, the detectives and millionaire Brian Kennedy, who financially supported the McCanns. The testimony by the truck driver was part of that conversation, but later that lead was dismissed.”
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