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McCanns will miss cop's trial

McCanns will miss cop's trial
9 September 2012
Daily Star

The parents of Madeleine McCann will avoid a showdown with a former police chief who wrongly claimed they lied about their daughter’s disappearance.

Kate and Gerry McCann are hoping to win a £1million libel payout from disgraced Goncalo Amaral, who they say has made their life hell.

But the McCanns, both 44, are staying away from this week’s trial in the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

Mr Amaral, 55, is attending the four-day hearing, which is scheduled to start on Thursday.

Kate and Gerry branded the ex-officer “poisonous” for claiming in a once-banned book that Maddie is dead and that they lied about her disappearance.

Their daughter vanished in Praia da Luz, Portugal, five years ago, aged three.

The McCanns’ lawyer Isabel Duarte said yesterday: “Kate and Gerry are not needed in Portugal for the trial.”

She said they were confident of victory, adding: “We reasonably expect compensation for the dreadful damages this book has brought the family.”

Any payout will be spent entirely on the continuing global search for Maddie, the couple said.

Mr Amaral led the bungled investigation but was sacked for criticising British police.

Kate wrote in her 2011 book Madeleine: “That man has caused us so much upset and anger.”
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Maddie McCann trial 'ruined our marriage'

Maddie McCann trial 'ruined our marriage'
9 September 2012
James Murray

The wife of former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral today reveals how the libel action brought against him by Kate and Gerry McCann wrecked their 10-year marriage.

The McCanns will begin the action in Lisbon on Thursday seeking £1million damages over claims about their missing daughter Madeleine.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday Express, Mr Amaral’s wife Sofia, who is separated from her husband, said:
‘‘He is almost broke and the strain of all this legal action has made him ill and ended our marriage.”

Kate and Gerry have decided not to attend but Mr Amaral, 54, will be there for the four-day trial even though he does not have to give evidence.

He insists he does not have a secret pot of “Maddie gold” from the publication of his book The Truth Of The Lie and will defend his claim in it that Madeleine could have died accidentally in the Praia da Luz apartment on the Algarve on May 3, 2007, aged three.

Sofia added:
“I am really worried about his health.”

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McCanns versus Gonçalo Amaral begins September 13, 2012

As reported by the British Media

Maddie McCann parents’ £1m bid over ‘lies’
1 September 2012
The Sun
Antonella Lazzeri

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The libel case lodged against Goncalo Amaral by the McCanns will start in Lisbon on 13 of September 2012

The McCanns are hoping to win £1million payout from "former cop" Goncalo Amaral
  • Dr. Gonçalo Amaral is more than a 'former cop".
  • He is a former Criminal Investigation Coordinator with the PJ, which is the equivalent rank to Detective Chief Superintendent in the UK
  • Amaral obtained law degree in 1980
  • He joined Policia Judiciaria (Portuguese police) in 1981
  • £1million equals 1,588,100 US dollars at exchange rate Sept 1 2012

Amaral claims they lied about Madeleine's disappearance.

He was the 'police boss who led the initial search for Maddie after her abduction in May 2007'

  • Amaral was the Coordinator of the investigation, leading a team of Portuguese detectives and coordinating with British police. 
  • He was removed from the case in October 2007. Gordon Brown was told of the decision BEFORE Amaral himself was informed.
"He went on to write a book sold worldwide in which he claimed her parents covered up her death from an accident or overdose of sedatives."

  • Amaral's book entitled "A Verdada da Mentira" (The Truth of the Lie) has never been available in the United Kingdom. 
  • It has never been published in English, although there are unofficial English translations available online, translated by volunteers.
  • See :: Unofficial English translation:
  • See :: Video:

"Kate and Gerry...said the slurs left them “totally destroyed”."

  • Note: this image was removed from the Express website, allegedly upon request of the McCanns 
  • See ::

Damages will go towards the hunt for Maddie


Maddie parents’ libel bid
1 September 2012
Daily Star
Jerry Lawton

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The McCanns’ are still considering whether to appear to face Goncalo Amaral

  • It is not known whether McCanns intend to actually travel to Portugal or whether they intend to appear via video link.

Clarence Mitchell said: “If they win the case every penny they receive in damages will go into the Madeleine Fund.”

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