Madeleine McCann - Das unvergessene Kind

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Madeleine McCann - Das unvergessene Kind
Carsten Volkery
28 April 2011
Spiegel Online

German to English Translation (Google) :

Four years ago, disappeared without a trace, the small Madeleine McCann from a Portuguese holiday apartment. To date, investigators grope in the dark, the anniversary raises the question: Is it time to draw a line? The parents do not let go yet.

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As the fourth anniversary of her disappearance approaches - and with it a new book by her mother - Olga Craig returns to Praia da Luz
Olga Craig
24 April 2011
The Sunday Telegraph


It is the spiritual sanctuary to which Kate and Gerry McCann return time and time again with each passing year. Usually their visits are in private, occasionally with close relatives. But it is here, in the tiny, white-washed 17th-century church of Our Lady of Light, overlooking the sea in Praia da Luz on the Algarve, where the couple feel closest to Madeleine, their cherished oldest child, who next month will have been missing for four years. Here is where Kate, especially, in the words of parish priest Father Haynes Hubbard, her Portuguese pastor and confidant, "comes back to cling to the hope that their daughter will come home".

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Reopening the wounds

Reopening the wounds
Kate McCann visits Maddie's room twice a day and the pain is raw.
But she hopes her book will revive the hunt
16 April 2011
Natalie Clarke

Earlier this week, Kate McCann signed off the final chapter of her book about her lost daughter, Madeleine. It is now with the publishers, and a rush is on to have the book edited, printed and on sale by the planned publication date of May 12, which will be Madeleine’s eighth birthday. The book, simply entitled Madeleine, gives Kate’s account, in her own words, of her daughter’s disappearance during a family holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in May 2007, and the dramatic events that followed.
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Mission de dames

Mission de dames
4 April 2011
Sud Ouest

French to English Translation (Google):

W9 AT 20 H 40 The mystery was never solved. Here are two documentaries about the disappearance of Maddie McCann, May 3, 2007. While parents shout their innocence and are confident of a kidnapping, the police officer Gonçalo Amaral Portuguese claims to have gathered enough evidence to implicate Kate and Gerry McCann. One film shows footage from the police. Sidonie Bonnec Lefèvre and Paul will receive the first plateau Gonçalo Amaral.

Maddie, l'affaire

W9 À 20 H 40 Le mystère n'a jamais été éclairci. Voici deux documentaires sur la disparition de la petite Maddie McCann, le 3 mai 2007. Alors que les parents crient leur innocence et sont persuadés d'un kidnapping, le policier portugais Gonçalo Amaral estime avoir réuni suffisamment de preuves pour impliquer Gerry et Kate McCann. Un des films montre des images inédites de la police. Sidonie Bonnec et Paul Lefèvre recevront pour la première fois en plateau Gonçalo Amaral.
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