Maddie top cop faces jail over mum's torture

Maddie top cop faces jail over mum's torture
Emma Wall
21 April 2008
Daily Star

He 'lied to help pals'

A Portuguese police chief who led the hunt for Madeleine McCann could face jail over allegations of the torture of a child murder suspect.  Chief Inspector Goncalo Amaral will stand trial for perjury after claims he lied to protect brutal officers.  (Note: The officers were found not guilty.)

They are said to have abused a mum to make her confess to killing her missing 10-year-old child.

The senior policeman is thought to have made Kate and Gerry McCann, 40 and 39, suspects in their daughter's case. (See: Wikileaks Cable dated 28 September 2007)

Joana Cipriano vanished four years ago from the village of Figueira, a few miles from Praia da Luz where Madeleine disappeared.  No body was found but her mum Leonor and her brother Jaoa were convicted of murder and caged for 16 years. She later claimed a confession had been beaten out of her.  The indictment against Amaral claims she was hit with a cardboard tube, punched, kicked and forced to kneel on glass ashtrays. 

It also says Amaral knew about the beatings but kept quiet.  (As the officers were found not guilty of the beatings, there were no beating to "keep quiet" about...)

He faces a up to three years in jail if convicted. Three others have been charged with torture.
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