McCanns versus Amaral Libel Trial : 01 Nov - 06 Nov 2013

Articles regarding the McCanns versus Amaral Libel Trial

(Also listed are articles published regarding McCanns during this period)

  November 01  - November 07, 2013

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01 November 2013

  • Cape-Verdeans in Portugal “repudiate accusations” against a member of their community and demand a “serious investigation” - A Semana
  • Fury at Roma Gypsies - Private Eye
  • Madeleine McCann chief suspect 'was a thief who should have been deported from Portugal' - Daily Mirror
  • Madeleine McCann suspect reportedly drug user, thief - UPI
  • Madeleine McCann suspect was a known criminal - Daily Star
  • Madeleine McCann suspect who died in tractor accident revealed to have had violent past and 'behaved suspiciously' around children according to police profile - Daily Mail
  • Madeleine McCann: Main suspect had violent past, now dead - Examiner
  • Madeleine McCann: suspect's 'suspicious behaviour with children' - The Week
  • New Madeleine McCann suspect 'was violent' - London Evening Standard
  • Profile led PJ to the abductor of Maddie - Correio da Manhã
  • Widow Denies - SOL

02 November 2013

  • Beast snatched Maddie in revenge for five euro theft - Daily Star
  • Key Suspect In Madeleine McCann's Disappearance Died In 2009, Claim New Reports - Huffington Post
  • Madeleine McCann key suspect was heroin addict who burgled holiday flats to get fix - Daily Mirror
  • Madeleine McCann: A new kidnapping suspect emerges in 2007 case - Christian Science Monitor
  • Madeliene [sic] McCann suspect 'a violent thug who was a threat to children’ - Daily Express 
  • Portuguese police focus on dead hotel worker in Madeleine McCann probe: local media - ABC 

03 November 2013

  • Did panicking kidnapper plan to leave 'injured' Madeleine McCann with medics? - Sunday Express
  • Maddie cops quiz drifter Brit, 53 - Sun on Sunday
  • Madeleine Mccann Suspect ID’d: Died In 2009 - Canada Now

04 November 2013

  • Deceased suspect in Madeleine McCann case named, pictured in media reports - Herald Sun 
  • Deceased suspect in Madeleine McCann case named, pictured in media reports - 
  • Is this the face of the man who took Madeleine? First picture of heroin addict hotel worker accused of revenge kidnap after he was sacked - Daily Mail
  • Kate McCann lifts lid on Madeleine nightmare - Daily Star
  • Maddie suspect 'was not at the resort that night' - Daily Star
  • Madeleine McCann suspect's family vow to work with Portuguese police to clear his name - - Daily Mirror
  • McCann's misery: Kate’s ‘unceasing pain’ over Madeleine - Daily Express
  • Picture Exclusive: The face of Madeleine McCann prime suspect - sacked hotel worker Euclides Monteiro - Daily Mirror
  • Portuguese Police: Dead Heroin Addict Might Be Linked To Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance - Radar Online

05 November 2013

  • New image reveals Madeleine McCann suspect - TVNZ
  • Our boy did not snatch Madeleine McCann: Family of junkie suspect speak out - Daily Star 
  • Phone records show suspect was nearby when Madeleine McCann vanished - Daily Express 
  • Police chief blamed Kate and Gerry McCann for Madeleine's disappearance 'to ensure Portuguese detectives didn't abandon case' - Daily Mail

06 November 2013

  • Ben Needham Search Not Getting Same Resources As Madeleine McCann, Says MP Angela Smith - Huffington Post 
  • Portuguese Police Name Dead Addict as Madeleine McCann Suspect - The Daily Beast
  • Video: demand for more support for Needham family - ITV

07 November 2013

  • Maddie cop ‘was helping’ by selling controversial book - Irish Daily Star
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