Goncalo Amaral regarding video monitoring system

Gonçalo Amaral sugere a instalação de um sistema de videovigilância nas principais estradas algarvias e respectivos acessos
26 June 2011
Jornal de Notícias

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Goncalo Amaral suggests the installation of a video monitoring system on the main roads in the algarve and the respective accesses

Mixed Teams will not solve crime in the Algarve

Goncalo Amaral says that there is not a strategy to combat insecurity, but it only answers to one-off events. Accuses institutions of inertia and do not react to accusations false abroad


Oantigo coordinator of the Department of Portimao the Judicial Police says that the insecurity in the Algarve because of the violent crime resulting from the lack of strategy of the security forces and the agents of tourism. Goncalo Amaral, 51 years old, known to have investigated the disappearance of Maddie, rejects the solution decided in this month of creating mixed teams with agents of several policemen and accuses the authorities of not reacting to complaints alarmist, for example in England.

IT needs a "special team", the likeness of created by the Attorney-general 'S Office for violence on the night of the Port, in order to fight the violent crimes in the Algarve and reassure the tourists?

I understand the question. But, contrary to what some claim, the Algarve does not need a special plan of security, much less for special teams - which only serve to increase the wages of their components - not even more human and material resources to combat the criminal phenomenon that, in truth, has gained prominence. What we need is to define a strategic plan that involves promoters and tour operators, mayors, security forces and services.

But this takes time and the holidays are there…

We must react to every crime, with a rapid and effective response, but it is impossible not to detect, to study the phenomenon, preventing it and forming criminal investigators capable of acting together - something that is not made. It is true that the conviction of security has suffered earthquakes and much by force of inertia of the institutions, not to promote and preserve the Algarve as a safe destination. AND also of the forces and security services to the act only reactivamente, the flavor of punctual event criminal.

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Gonçalo Amaral acquitted of the crime of Failure to report.

19 June 2011
Diário de Notícias

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> The case of aggression against Leonor Cipriano was tried, but the court did not determine the authorship of the attacks.

Gonçalo Amaral
> Ex-inspector was acquitted of the crime of Failure to report. With him were tried four more inspectors.

> On the murder and concealment of a body, mother and uncle of Joana were sentenced to 18 years.



› O caso das agressões a Leonor Cipriano foi julgado, mas o tribunal não determinou a autoria das agressões.

› Ex-inspector foi absolvido do crime de omissão de denúncia. Com ele foram julgados mais quatro inspectores.

› Pelo homicídio e ocultação de cadáver, mãe e tio de Joana foram condenados a 18 anos.
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Joana Case: Évora refutes "nullity and unconstitutional" the resource that sentences confirmed

Caso Joana: Relação de Évora refuta "nulidades e inconstitucionalidades" no recurso que confirmou penas
18 June 2011
Agência Lusa - Serviço Internacional

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Lisbon, June 18 (AFP) - The Évora refuted the existence of "unconstitutionality and nullity" in ruling that upheld the conviction of former inspectors of the Judicial Police (PJ) in the process of aggressions against Leonor Cipriano, Joana's mother, child missing in the Algarve in 2004.

On 18 March this year, the Court of Appeal upheld the conviction of former PJ inspector Gonçalo Amaral and António Nunes Cardoso, with suspended sentences, the Court of Faro in 2009, but the latter required the former agent "to reform and clarification of Judgement. "

According to judicial sources, the Évora understood that "lacks reason" the application of Antonio Nunes Cardoso, sentenced to two years and three months imprisonment with suspended sentence for the crime of forgery of a document.

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BCC response to Complaints re: lie about Goncalo Amaral is NOT GOOD ENOUGH


Fact: Dr. Goncalo Amaral did NOT say "Fuck the McCanns".

Mike O' Sullivan, his producer, "senior colleagues" and any BBC spokespersons involved need to issue a formal apology and ensure corrections are printed in all of the news sources listed below.


"Further action
The Editor of the programme has discussed the outcome with the producer and reporter involved. In future, the team plans to use interpreters if clips from interviews are unclear."
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Update: The F*** the McCanns Scandal

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