Money Bytes: Marcos Aragão Correia

Money Bytes:
Marcos Aragão Correia, Public Ministry, Portuguese Bar Association versus Gonçalo Amaral
2 July 2009
Joana Morais

Marcos Aragão Correia
Legal Complaints
  • Marcos Aragão Corrreia
    • Leonor Cipriano's psychic lawyer
    • filed 2 complaints in October 2008
    • requested 500.000 Euros as compensation from Gonçalo Amaral over Amaral's request that Correia be "interned" (sent to psychiatric hospital)
    • requested 500.000 Euros as compensation from Gonçalo Amaral to compensate Leandro da Silva (suspected of raping Joana Cipriano) over "torture, defamation and false statements" during investigation into Joana's disappearance.
    • complaints quickly advanced by Public Ministry
    • leaked documents and photos to which had access as lawyer
    • Quote: ''Target was hit, Gonçalo Amaral was convicted''
  • Gonçalo Amaral
    • filed criminal complaint against Marcos Aragão Correia for defamation, libel and slander in April 2008
    • complaint apparently stalled at Public Ministry

According to today's Diário de Notícias article, written by José Manuel Oliveira, Marcos Aragão Corrreia, The Seer: Leonor Cipriano's psychic lawyer, assumed Pro-McCann, and acolyte of Metodo 3 Agency will now request 1.000.000 Euros - 858074.4809 GBP.

The lawyer will 'demand' 500.000 Euros as compensation to Gonçalo Amaral for "offenses" after the former inspector has asked the Court of Faro for his internment.

The other request for compensation is of the same value and will serve to compensate Joana's stepfather, Leandro da Silva [yes, the same one who is a suspect of raping her] by "torture", "defamation" and "false statements" during the investigation into the disappearance of his stepdaughter.
Marcos Aragão Correia, Testa-de-Ferro [front man] for whom?

Meanwhile we wonder, how this two complaints filed by Marcos Aragão Correia at the end of 2008, in October to be precise; where so quickly advanced to progress by the Public Ministry. And why is it that Mr. Gonçalo Amaral complaint filed in April of 2008 for defamation, libel and slander against Marcos Aragão Correia is stalled in some draw in someone's office at the Public Ministry?

Marcos Aragão Correia, a man that has several times in public showed his visceral hatred towards Gonçalo Amaral, even going to the extent of leaking documents, to which he had access as a lawyer, not as a citizen; and photographs to a blogger who has published a 'leaflet' full of inconsistencies and misinformation [see screen shot bellow].

The psychic lawyer who has publicly said, and I quote: ''Target was hit, Gonçalo Amaral was convicted'' - among a myriad of other actions performed, no doubt some with very dubious legal ethics, with just the above mentioned objective in mind, is still being endorsed by the Portuguese Bar Association [Ordem dos Advogados], in the person of the head of the bar, Marinho Pinto.

Marinho Pinto

It's time for the Portuguese Bar Association to start assessing the real motives that drive the lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia, and who exactly is behind this persecutionary circus, because, us, tax payers will not pay for another mockery trial without making questions.

Not this time!

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