Witness says uncle of Joana confessed to killing the child

Witness says uncle of Joana confessed to killing the child
12 October 2005

A witness (Carlos Alberto Silva, Leandro Silva's stepfather) said today in court in the trial of 'Joana case ", that João Cipriano told him that on the night of September 12, 2004 João had sex with his sister (Leonor Cipriano) and that his niece (Joana Cipriano) died that night.

Although initially refusing to establish a direct relationship between the two revelations, Carlos Alberto Silva, Leandro Silva's stepfather, who lived with the girl's mother (Leonor Cipriano), ended up confessing that there seemed to be a link between the two siblings (Leonor and João Cipriano) have been seen by Joana while they were having sex and the subsequent death of the child (Joana Cipriano).

"I realized that he (João Cipriano) may have killed the girl because she saw them (Leonor and João Cipriano) having sex ', he said.

The witness said that (Joana Cipriano) had passed the house two days before her disappearance, she was taken that day by the mother.

That fact was corroborated by the daughter of Carlos Alberto Silva, Carla Monteiro, who visited (Leonor Cipriano) in jail in the early days of custody.

In Prison, Leonor delivered a letter to Carla, in the case, in which she said that night the child (Joana) went out into the street and her uncle, (João Cipriano), ran after her.

Márcio Fernandes, Carla Monteiro's friend, asserted that signs of sexual abuse in another five sons of Leonor had been detected. (The five sons were in their custody since Leonor's arrest)

That case runs its normal course and not in the present case.

The court also heard the owner of the bakery that sold milk and preserved in small Joana night of the tragedy.

Ofélia Zeferino guaranteed that Leandro, accompanied by a mechanic who worked on the same scrap - also originally a defendant in the case - appeared in his shop shortly after the girl have been there.

According to one witness, they were joined immediately by João Cipriano, who made no reference to the disappearance of Joana.

About twenty minutes later, Leonor Cipriano appeared in the bakery and asked for her daughter, coming out and returned shortly before 22 hours.

The first session of the trial in Joana's case lasted about 16 hours and continues until late afternoon.

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