Maddy police defend long lunch break

8 June 2007
The Evening Standard
Ed Harris

Portuguese police working on the Madeleine McCann case defended their reputation today after they were seen enjoying a two-hour lunch.

Policia Judiciara spokesman Olegario Sousa and Goncalo Amaral, head of the regional force, were seen as Kate and Gerry McCann travelled to Berlin and Amsterdam to appeal for help to find their daughter.

In Portimao, a town near where the four-year-old was snatched on 3 May, a diner at fish restaurant Carvi said he recognised the police officials from TV.

'They asked for the Portuguese TV news to be switched on Madeleine's parents had given a press conference in Berlin and they came on the screen.'

The diner said they had what looked like a bottle of white wine and whisky on the table.

The McCanns praised the officers. Mr McCann said:

'They are working harder than Kate and I.'

Today Mr Sousa said it was up to the individual to decide what he or she ate and drank.

Meanwhile, doubts were growing about the authenticity of a phone call to police from a man claiming to know where Madeleine is.


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