Madeleine's parents take back seat

Madeleine's parents take back seat after campaign moves to Morocco
David Brown in Rabat
12 June 2007
The Times

(Article also appeared in the Calgary Herald, 12 June 2007)

Kate and Gerry McCann will take a back seat in the campaign because they need time to grieve for their four-year-old daughter, who disappeared 40 days ago.

The couple's decision comes as it was confirmed that the detective co ordinating the investigation into Madeleine's abduction has been charged with covering up allegations of police brutality in a similar case four years ago.

Goncalo Amaral is still serving as the head of the Policia Judiciaria in Portimao despite being charged on Saturday with failing to report claims that three officers "tortured" the mother of a missing girl during an interrogation.

Leonor Cipriano has alleged that she was beaten into a confessing to the murder of her daughter, Joana, 9, who disappeared from a village only seven miles from Praia da Luz in September 2003.

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