Fear for Kate

Fear for Kate
Jerry Lawton
9 August 2007
Daily Star

Leandro Silva and Leonor Cipriano

Madeleine McCann's mum is being set up by Portuguese police to take the rap for her daughter's disappearance, it was claimed last night. The husband of a woman serving 16 years in a Portuguese jail in a similar missing child case said he feared Kate was now being "framed" - just like his wife.

Three years ago Leanor Cipriano was convicted of murdering her nine-year-old daughter Joana. She had vanished seven miles from the spot where Madeleine went missing. Joana's body has never been found. Her mum claims a confession was beaten out of her to disguise police bungles.

Last night Cipriano's husband Leandro Silva said:

"Joana's mother never did anything and she was arrested. I am fearful the same thing will happen to Kate McCann. Whenever I watch the news it reminds me of Joana. It is hard. I just pray Madeleine appears."

Detective Goncalo Amaral, who is leading the hunt for Madeleine, is an official suspect in the Leanor case.

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