Joana was killed for not revealing she had been raped by her uncle

5 September 2007
"I did not harm her, only to kill."
IOL Diario

Investigator: Joana was killed for not revealing she had been raped by her uncle
By: Sara Marquese

Joana Isabel Cipriano Guerreiro, or simply Joana. She was eight when she disappeared. The mother and uncle were convicted of murder, but the body never turned up. The case emotionally stirred the country, made the headlines and experts from all areas talked about it. Only one version had been left to tell: the PJ.

Two years after the disappearance of the girl Figueira, one of the inspectors who worked on the investigation, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, opens the book with 177 pages and account, details of the case that moved, "because the cops also cry", and took him out of the PJ. "A estrela de Joana" ('The Star of Joana) arrived in bookstores today.

'The intelligent of Lisbon'

Joana had been missing for a month, Leonor and João Cipriano had confessed to the murder but did not say where the body lay.

The pressures were many, especially those responsible for Lisbon and the media. No visible results of researchers of the Algarve, PJ sends three reinforcements from Lisbon, between them is Paulo Pereira Cristóvão.

Viewed with suspicion by colleagues from Faro and with little information about the case, outlining a strategy based on interrogations and forces to go back and start the investigation from the beginning. It is on this stage that the book speaks.

The interrogation of the siblings, João and Leonor, have proved key. In the book, the former PJ makes the portrait of the arguidos: João was a manipulator, controlled but became angry when he drank and he lost control and became violent. And the day Joana vanished he spent the afternoon drinking.

João had an ongoing sexual appetite "and" PJ believes that he was having sex with his twin sister, Anabela. João also had a clear control over his sister Leonor. This was narcissistic, cold.

He was forced into prostitution by his own mother and no (?) history of "sexual relations between siblings and parents, family violence and the possibility of inbreeding."

Leonor had several relationships. Besides Joana, Leonor had two more children that lived with her and another who lived with her paternal grandmother, who would not know the mother. Still have had several miscarriages (? or abortions).

Violating was worse than killing

Joana caught her mother and uncle having sex, and threatened to tell her stepfather and was then killed. This was the version told by João Cipriano. But PJ suspected that the story has not been the case.

Joana liked the mother, so the researchers do not believe that disclosure. Just something more serious would explain that passed over the love she had for Leonor.

Therefore, they believed that João had raped his niece, before the passivity of the mother. When Joana threatened to denounce them, she was attacked by both.

This version would also explain why they did not want the body found. João preferred to admit he killed his niece than revealing that he had sex with her. If the body was not found, you never know.

The uncle (João) confirmed the attacks, says that after you beat the girl, she was "quieted down". They thought she was dead and had to get rid of the corpse.

While pretending to look for Leonor's daughter with partner (Leandro) and a friend (Carlos), João decided to cut his niece's body into pieces, to be easier to undo (?) her. Then he put it in a freezer.

Leandro did not believe that Joana ran. "It was very (prissy ?)." (Portuguese is "Leandro não acreditou que Joana fugisse. «Era muito certinha»."

Leandro confronted them with questions until he (they? João?) told the truth.

He did not believe until you see the body. Threatened - to help in hiding the corpse Eventually reach.

Parts of the girl's corpse was hidden in a junk car and taken to Spain, where the vehicle was burned and compressed. Inside were also the vessels that were to dismember the corpse.

This was the version that João Cipriano confessed.

First, just to the investigator and the next day, in the presence of his lawyer. But when asked if abused his niece, he replied indignantly: "I did not harm her, only to kill."

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