New team fury over files mess

New team fury over files mess
21 October 2007
The Sunday Mirror
Grant Hodgson

Search for Madeleine Day 172

The new team leading the Madeleine McCann inquiry have savaged the officers previously involved in trying to find the missing youngster.

In a withering attack, investigators who took over from disgraced detective Goncalo Amaral accused the old team of ignoring key leads.

And they complained they had to spend more than a fortnight putting vital information left lying around on bits of paper by Amaral's team on to police computers. Paulo Rebelo, a highly respected officer, took over the inquiry last month after Amaral was sacked for accusing British police of being too close to Madeleine's parents.

A Portuguese police source told Expresso newspaper: "A lot of key information was discarded. The whole process is being reviewed. Putting the papers in order has been a massive task."

A team of officers have been working round the clock to log every piece of information relating to the inquiry on to police computers. However, the number of officers involved in the case has been cut from 100 to around 40.

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