BBC in four-letter 'foul-up'

15 January 2010
Daily Star

BUNGLING BBC bosses sparked a row after accusing Goncalo Amaral of a four-letter tirade against Kate and Gerry McCann.

They insisted the ex-detective said " f    the McCanns " when asked by a BBC reporter if he felt his allegations were hurting the couple.

But last night it was claimed he had actually uttered the Portuguese phrase "fala com McCanns" - which means simply "speak to the McCanns".

Asked if he had sworn, Mr Amaral replied: "Never. I don't know what you are talking about."

And his lawyer, Antonio Cabrita, said: "He never said it. He does not use that kind of language."

Rival TV companies refused to broadcast the footage after their translators studied it.

But it was broadcast, with the key word bleeped out by the BBC in the East Midlands.

A BBC spokesman said last night: "The entire exchange was recorded on camera.

"The swear word was bleeped out for transmission as it was clearly unacceptable to broadcast such language at 6.30pm."

Sources last night said Mr Amaral is now considering legal action against the BBC.

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