English suspects of withholding relevant evidence

16 December 2010
Correio da Manhã
Henrique Machado
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Correio da Manhã
Gonçalo Amaral believes that the British police did not disclose all that they have found to the PJ

[Preliminary summary - to be updated / edited as needed:]

  • The British Ambassador in Lisbon [Ellis] admitted that British police found incriminating evidence against the McCanns as was revealed in Wikileaks.
    • Amaral states that he does not know what this evidence is, but that it could have been hidden.
  • Gaspar Statement

    • The Gaspar statement was sent to the Leicestershire Police on 16 May 2007
    • The British police did not forward the Gaspar statement detailing pedophile suspicions re: David Payne until October 2007 [after Amaral was removed from the case]
  • Credit Cards/McCann relationship/Madeleine medical history
    • The British police told the PJ that there was nothing relevant in regard to the McCann's or the Tapas 7 credit cards, the "relationship between Kate and Gerry or in Madeleine's medical history
  • Eddie/Keela: British Sniffer Dogs
    • Amaral does not believe that the evidence of which Ambassador Ellis spoke has anything to do with the British sniffer dogs (who detected blood and cadaver odour in the trunk of the car rented by the McCanns) because at the time of the conversation reported in the cable (28 September 2007), the Birmingham Forensic Services Lab had already stated that the blood traces did not correspond to Madeleine
    • Amaral has serious doubts as to the DNA results obtained in the Birmingham Forensic Services Laboratory
  • Evidence withheld?
    • In Amaral's opinion, the evidence Ambassador Ellis referred to "must be something else" - which the English police did not hand over to the PJ
    • Amaral's opinion is that the most probable hypothesis is with regard to David Payne
  • David Payne
    • In 2005 in Majorca, David Payne allegedly rubbed his nipple and put his finger in his mouth while looking at Madeleine, suggesting a sexual act and asking Gerry if his daughter did that
    • This act was witnessed by English doctor [Gaspar} who informed the British police on 16 May 2007
    • The PJ only learned of this in October 2007 when Paulo Rebelo's group went to England to question the Tapas 7
    • David Payne was the only one of the group who was heard by the British Police without the presence of the Portuguese police
    • Payne was the last person, beside the McCanns, to Madeleine alive
    • Payne allegedly liked to bathe the children
  • Amaral told CM that he is gathering together new evidence in order to force the reopening of the investigation

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