Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira (Truth of the Lie) returned to publisher

Joana Morais
9 December 2010

The 'formerly banned by the McCann couple' book, whose trustee, Isabel Duarte, the couple's lawyer affirmed that “nothing will force her to return them”, in spite of a Superior Court ruling which obliged her to deliver the books to their rightful owner; have finally been returned to Guerra & Paz Editors. We, in this blog congratulate Guerra & Paz book publishers as well as the book author of “Maddie - A Verdade da Mentira”, Gonçalo Amaral, for fighting and for standing up against the machiavelic censorship attempt by a couple of former arguidos.

In stock and available for purchase here:  Guerra & Paz

[Note: Also see: Guardian Wikileak Blog

"Around 100 suggestions an hour are coming through from readers suggesting subjects to search for in the cables database. We've set up a small team to go through them and so far the results look promising. Several people suggested searching for information on Madeleine McCann, the British girl who went missing in Portugal in 2007, for example. She is indeed mentioned in at least two cables from the US embassy in Lisbon. No clues to her fate, unfortunately, but some interesting observations on the involvement of British police, which we'll relay once we've checked them out..."

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