Truth be told

Welcome to YET ANOTHER branch off of "Winnowing the News".

I'm transferring all my research regarding the persecution of Dr. Goncalo Amaral from the main blog to this one. It is helpful for me to isolate certain topics I'm interested in and create these "branches" simply to keep myself organised.

Many excellent blogs already exist where you can find information about Amaral and the McCanns. (See the main link list on "Winnowing the News".)

My present goal is to dig for the origin of specific libelous comments regarding Goncalo Amaral, made by reporters as well as the McCanns and their supporters. I have already analysed the origin of the "drunken cop" rumors (HERE) and am now analysing the origin of the "disgraced detective" label, a favorite term used by everyone from the Press Association to the BBC.

The questions I am asking (and will answer) are:
  • On what basis do reporters make the claim that Goncalo Amaral is a "disgraced" detective?
  • What was the first article that declared he was "disgraced"?  Who wrote it?
  • Who are the individuals that have used the term or other disparaging adjectives?
  • How did they justify these labels? What background information was provided to explain the characterisation?
  • How has the public perception of Goncalo Amaral been impacted by the above?

  • What is the true meaning of "disgrace"?
  • Based on the true meaning of disgrace, are there valid examples of disgraceful conduct in the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?
  • How have complaints been handled by editors, the Press Complaints Commission and other media watchdogs?

I have many saved articles to add here, many posts to re-format (due to bumps encountered when transferring posts from one blog to another) etc.

Please bear with me during the transition. I understand my blogs are not necessarily dynamic reading, but there is a reason for that. I'm more interested in archiving facts than I am in pontificating...although there are times when it is impossible not to have a rant or two over the slanderous persecution of a man who will not be silenced by lies.


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