Twitter users libeling Goncalo Amaral

Twitter is an interesting social networking site.  The McCann case has been discussed by many "tweeters"; the topic found by the hash-tag "#McCann" or "#McCanns".

There are a number of people who are apparently determined to prevent Twitter participants from discussing the case in a factual manner, and whose motives and integrity are questionable (to say the least).

Goncalo Amaral is frequently their target and they are clearly part of the effort to discredit him.

Here are examples of the type of  lies/libel they are tweeting.  Note "pinkypoo666"'s tweet stating:
"This is what Amaral does to ppl when he questions them""

When confronted with the FACT that Cipriano never accused Amaral of the ALLEGED "assault", "pinkypoo666" tweeted this:
"this is what Amaral & PJ do 2 people who dont confess, even if innocent.  He likes 2 tie things up quickly so can go to pub"

Although little is being currently published in the mainstream press regarding Goncalo Amaral, it is obvious that "behind the scenes" there are ongoing efforts to discredit him and others who do not subscribe to the "abduction" theory in the McCann case.

Blogs and websites have been created to attack Dr. Amaral and the PJ, attempts are being made to start rumors, statements are taken out of context or deliberately misquoted and lies (including the ones above) are rampant.

The path to truth is a straight and narrow course.  It certain appears that many people involved in the defense of the McCanns do not choose to walk it.

(NOTE: The post date on this has been changed.  It does not deserve to remain as the first post on a blog entitled "Truth be Told".  The date has been edited from when it was posted (8 March 2011) as changing the post date is the only way I'm aware of to rearrange the order posts appear on Blogger.)


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