Hope for Kate and Gerry in return to Portugal

Hope for Kate and Gerry in return to Portugal
14 May 2011
The Sun

MADELEINE'S parents will return to Portugal next week with new hope in the search for their abducted daughter. The couple will launch Kate's new book, aimed at boosting the investigation. Kate and Gerry will travel to capital Lisbon for the release of an edition translated into Portuguese.

They hope it will tell their side of the story to the Portuguese people.

Titled simply Madeleine, it is already set to be a No1 bestseller after being serialised all week in the Irish Sun. Kate, 43, said:
"I don't feel we have had the chance to tell our side of the story in Portugal yet.

"I am hoping people will read the book and realise what kind of people we are — loving parents."
Cardiologist Gerry, 42, added:
"I think there are a lot of cultural differences and sometimes people there didn't understand why we did certain things and the book will hopefully address that."
Buried Kate and Gerry believe vital clues — a missing piece of the "jigsaw" — may be buried away in Portuguese police files.

But last night the Portuguese former police chief who was sacked from the investigation launched a vile attack on Kate.

Referring to other cases Kate described, of intruders attacking children in their Portuguese holiday homes, Detective Goncalo Amaral ranted:
"There are no cases of child abuse in Portugal. Kate lies, telling that.
"Tourists like her are not needed, mothers neglecting their children, that loses a child on holiday after dinner when she was drinking in a bar until midnight."

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, said:
"Kate and Gerry will not respond to, or dignify, his predictable comments."
Gerry said of the case review:
"I'm sure it will go a long way to addressing one of our key disgruntlements, that British police had lots of information that was just sitting there with no one looking at it."
Kate was surprised the PM ordered the review so fast. She said:
"We weren't expecting to hear anything until next week."
Rant ... ex-cop Amaral

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