Sandra Felgueiras interview with McCanns 05.11.09 (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

McCann - Sandra Felgueiras 05.11.09 (Pt 1)

Discussion about Amaral's book "The Truth of the Lie".

4:45 on - Sandra asks about the cadaver dogs:
How can you explain the coincidence of the scent of cadaver found by British and not Portuguese dogs?"
"Ask the dogs, Sandra"
"We've obviously looked at evidence about cadaver dogs and they're incredibly unreliable."
"Cadaver dogs, yes. Thats what (???) if they're tested scientifically"


McCann - Sandra Felgueiras 05.11.09 (Pt 2) 

Questions about Gordon Brown. Gerry explains they are still in touch with Home Office and Foreign Office. Questions about Clarence Mitchell. Questions about the new Portuguese communications agency the McCanns hired, paid from the Madeleine Fund.

McCann - Sandra Felgueiras 05.11.09 (Pt 3)

Questions regarding one million euros McCanns seeking from Goncalo Amaral for alleged defamation. Sandra asks about Amaral's motives. McCanns reply that it was possibly for "financial gain".

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