Uncle admits having tried to sell Joana Cipriano

Uncle admits having tried to sell Joana Cipriano
Maria Luiza Rolim
May 19, 2009

João Cipriano

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The brother of Leonor Cipriano concedes that "tried to sell the girl but is afraid to indicate where the corpse of her niece. (Click the image at the end of the text and read the confession)

Joana Cipriano may even be dead and the Attorney General's Office may reopen the issue and revise the sentence which condemned the girl's mother. A request to this effect was made today by Leonor Cipriano's lawyer and stepfather of the girl missing for nearly five years.

On the basis of application (see word document using the link at the end of text) is a written confession by the girl's uncle, Manuel Domingos João Cipriano, who says he "tried to sell" Joan.

The lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia also calls for the prosecution to establish "who are the individuals who wanted to 'buy' Joana Cipriano, and for what purposes, where the body of Joanna, and retrieve it in order to conduct medical-legal and forensics, and finally provide a decent burial to the girl. "

In the document sent to the attorney, the attorney says the uncle of Joana Cipriano yesterday signed a document stating "I tried selling my niece," thus confirming, without giving further details, the version of Joana's mother. And that "it just shows that he gave the girl fate following such transaction frustrated."

According to Leonor Cipriano, after the failure of the sale, his brother Manuel Domingos João Cipriano have murdered the child.

Marcos Aragão Correia also explains that "João Cipriano finally confessed the truth only because of the fear expressed that it could be murdered in prison by inmates at the behest of the criminals who tried to 'buy' Joana,  following public revelations of the girl's mother, especially Leonor after the interview, especially the cover page, the newspaper "24" on the 11th of this month. "

Also according to the lawyer, "the confession of João Cipriano as intended, according to it, to obtain state protection, and is the same fear that, also according to their own, prevents him from identifying criminals and others indicate the precise location the girl's corpse. "

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